A 6-day residential intensive training

A unique opportunity to learn the art of facilitating a successful rhythmical event, directly with Arthur Hull, the pioneer of Drum Circle facilitation!

For the first time in Italy for the 6 Day Intensive Training, Arthur Hull will teach you his Village Music Circles Drum Circle facilitation way, filled with the wisdom of more than 40 years of experience and more than 13,000 Facilitators trained all over the world!

Arthur, pioneer of drum circle facilitation, and Harshil F. Chiostri, VMC certified Trainer for Italy, will offer 50 hours of learning activities in which you will experience an intense practice of all the facilitation techniques that will allow you to acquire all the necessary skills necessary to fully integrate the Drum Circle Facilitator career into your life.

Village Music Circles™ 6-day Facilitators Intensive Training provides beginning and advanced Facilitators the skills needed to lead Rhythm-Based events for groups of all sizes and backgrounds. This week-long experience will immediately connect facilitators to a supportive international community while providing extensive opportunities to learn and develop facilitation skills in a safe environment. Participants of all levels will receive peer, mentor and advanced Facilitator support.

This week goes beyond the training that is received in the 3 Day Training, with the presentation of more techniques, development of one’s own style, a greater depth of learning and a wider quantity of practical experiences.

Participants receive extensive practice in the facilitation techniques needed to lead a drum circle or rhythm event for a variety of populations and group sizes.

The program format will include group instruction and discussions combined with small group break-out exercises that reinforce the learning of the foundational facilitation elements presented. Exercises are taught sequentially so as to become progressively more complex as the facilitators’ skills develop throughout the week.

Participants experience multiple small group activities using movement, voice, musical instruments, and improvisational rhythm games.

Peer group and mentor leaders offer critique and feedback, which are a important part of the learning process. More time is given for individual attention, critiques, and skills building.

Week-Long Intensive includes extensive opportunities to freely experiment during the exciting and challenging free-form community “jump-time!” – Jump-time offers many hours of learning fun, practicing and exploring new skills in a supportive environment.

We will start on Sunday 9th of July at 4:00PM and finish on Friday 14th of July at 4:00PM, to enjoy..

50 Training hours + optional laboratories
for an intensive in which we will work morning, afternoon and after dinner
to give you the best training time!

What we will learn?

As a participant to the 6 Day Drum Circle Facilitator Intensive Training:

  • You will learn rhythmical techniques, games and activities to motivate groups of people
  • You will develop the facilitation skills necessary to lead rhythmical events
  • You will develop a specific evaluation technique (Critique Technique) that will progressively improve your skills
  • You’ll explore custom facilitation techniques and styles
  • You will discover how to avoid the most common mistakes of a beginner facilitator
  • You will understand how to apply the learned skills to different types of people

The learning goals will be achieved through the development of:

  • Rhythmical abilities based on universal principles of percussion playing
  • Experiences with a variety of styles, shapes and musical instruments
  • Structured activities to learn facilitation through different tones, identification of timbres, variations over time and different orchestration techniques
  • Improvisation using music through body, voice and group activities
  • Community building and strengthening through rhythm
  • This, and much more!

This experience will deeply transform your life and that of the thousands of people you will reach with your Drum Circles!

Who is it addressed to?

To you, musician, music teacher, orchestra conductor, music therapist, school teacher, social worker, coach, counselor, psychologist / psychotherapist, educator, facilitator of personal growth groups, coordinator of a non-profit association, Human Resource in companies, or simply to you because you care about the well-being of your community!

By participating in this Training you will learn how to bring the magic of Facilitated Drum Circle to your entire community!

Adults, children, the elderly, associations, schools, companies, festivals, will enjoy the rhythmical joy unleashed in your events.

To you, VMC Facilitator, who want to improve your skills by participating as a Challenge!

The Network

This experience will give you the opportunity to connect to an international network of facilitators, music therapists, professionals, new people with whom to collaborate throughout Italy and all over the world, from which to be supported in your professional growth.

Facilitators Challenge And Specialisation

If you have already participated in a 3 or 6 day VMC Facilitator Training, do not miss the opportunity to participate as a Challenge, and continue your training!

The Facilitators’ Challenge is designed for VMC graduates who are actively using VMC’s technologies in their programs

Time is given to each of the facilitators, for the assessment and improvement of their skills.

The training includes many opportunities to freely experiment your facilitation skills during the exciting and challenging “Jump-Time”.

As a Challenge you will be assigned and challenged with a variety of experiences aimed at enhancing and deepening your skills, and guiding exercises with small groups and in the meantime being evaluated as part of your learning process, while sharing your skills with other facilitators.

This is an opportunity to challenge yourself, practice new skills, and be lovingly mentored by your teachers to go beyond your limits.

As a further specialization, after having participated in at least a 6-Day Training, at the end of an appropriate internship you can participate in the Mentor Facilitator Training, and possibly as a final goal choose to become a VMC Certified Facilitator.

In the meantime you will be able to expand your skills by learning numerous tricks and rhythmic games that allow you to refine your work with specific groups of people, from children to the elderly, participating with Arthur at the “Rhythmical Alchemy Playshop”, offered periodically in different countries of the world.

Arthur Hull

Arthur Hull
Founder of Village Music Circles

A refined percussionist and charismatic teacher, he is considered the pioneer of drum circle facilitation all over the world.

In 42 years of refined research and sharing he has defined the techniques, tools and spirit that make rhythm accessible to anyone, touching the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.

He taught how to facilitate rhythmical events to over 12,000 people in 34 countries, and created an international team of trainers, which offers training courses in more than 20 countries, from the USA to Japan.

With the always present mission to make joy and the power of rhythm accessible to everyone, Arthur brings his rhythmical experiences to all levels of the community, from company executives to adolescents at risk.

Watch the following interview with Arthur about his training to come:

Harshil Filippo Chiostri

He has been studying music since his childhood, first the piano, then since 1995 percussion and didgeridoo.

He is a VMC Drum Circle Facilitator since 2008 and is the first and only teacher authorized in Italy to transmit Arthur Hull / Village Music Circles facilitation method, recognized worldwide for the excellent standard of quality and effectiveness.

He has a background in holistic practices, which characterizes his work with the Drum Circle in giving special attention to the emotional well-being of the participants.

He always loves creating in-the-moment music, while in the meantime he continues to study traditional techniques, as for African percussion.

6 days in the wonderful tuscan country,
at Toscana Nascosta
Country Hostel

A corner of nature on the top of a hill, likewise an island but surrounded by woods and olive groves, where the silence and the energy of nature support all those activities that require isolation, concentration, inspiration or movement.


Since more than 15 years we welcome here all those groups that aspire to the development of their human potential and those who intend to spend a holiday in Tuscany away from the stress connected to many tourist locations and facilities.
  • Less than an hour’s drive from the two main Tuscan airports, Florence and Pisa.

  • In less than an hour it is possible to reach the sea, and suggestive tourist places are also easily reachable, such as: Florence, Pisa, Lucca, Certaldo, San Miniato, Montaione, Volterra, San Gimignano, Siena.

  • Not only that, but there is a swimming pool surrounded by olive trees and lavender plants: during breaks you can have a nice refreshing bath, so bring your swimsuit and slippers with you!

The full board service includes two breaks with herbal teas, fruit and biscuits.
In all types of services are included:
– supply of natural or carbonated micro-filtered water
– free wifi
– the use of a fridge and a kettle

Breakfast is European type (bread, butter, jam, fruit, yogurt, muesli, cheese, tomatoes and cold cuts, herbal teas, juices, tea, coffee and milk)
Lunch and dinner start with a salad buffet
Desserts are provided for dinner
Wine and other drinks are not included, but available
Not included but available the use of a washing machine

We have chosen this place and this job for the following reasons:

  • we believe we can offer our guests a place where everyone can mature opportunities for personal growth, in the freedom of the path that everyone can choose.
  • we hope that the growth of a person, cultural or spiritual, can boost the evolution of humanity, sharing the good each person, each experience, each tradition or discipline can bring (provided it is inspired by cultural and political models free from conditioning and oppression).

We promote a culture of responsibility towards nature and the environment, aware that the goods and resources of this world belong to all those who live there including  future generations. In our daily actions and choices, we try to live consistently our ethical choices.

We strongly believe that a proper diet is at the basis of well-being, so we carefully choose the ingredients of our dishes: seasonal vegetables and fruit, possibly a short and organic supply chain. We season our dishes with our cold-pressed organic Extra Vergin Oil (EVO), and enrich them with the fragrance of aromatic herbs that grow luxuriantly in our fields. We pay great attention to the alternation and to the combination of the ingredients. Our cuisine is basically vegetarian, of Mediterranean inspiration, but on request we are able to cook rich vegan dishes and of course all the traditional dishes of Tuscan and Italian cuisine.

Località Capannacce, Strada Privata, 130, 56026 Palaia (PI)

Both coming from Florence and from Pisa the exit from the highway Firenze-Pisa-Livorno (Fi-Pi-Li) is Montopoli. You follow the roundabout that you meet at the exit following the signs for Palaia, and passing under the highway. At the first crossroads turn left (signs for Palaia or San Miniato) avoiding going straight to Marti. At the second junction turn right (still signs for Palaia or San Miniato) avoiding to turn left for Montopoli. At the third junction, continue straight (again signs for Palaia) avoiding turning left to San Miniato. Going along the Provincial Palaiese Road you will meet the hamlet of Chiecinella: on the left you can find a small and ugly prefabricated church, to the right of which begins a dirt road that, in about 900m, leads up to the parking lot of Capannacce. We suggest you to follow the dirt road at low speed for the bumps and the elbow bend to the left that you will meet.

By train

The nearest station is that of San Romano – Montopoli – Santa Croce, and you can arrange a taxi-transfer to Toscana Nascosta by calling the private taxi service “Magdy”, at the following number:
0039 347 7868123

By plane

Surely better the airport of Pisa than of Florence, both for its proximity and for the possibility of getting on the train already from the airport.

Before participating

  • Pre-training suggested reading: “Drum Circle Facilitation: Building Community Through Rhythm” by Arthur Hull, which you can find on Amazon.
  • Seeing the following video “The Art of Drum Circle Facilitation” is required..

Drum Circle Facilitator Kit

Once you become a facilitator, instead of wasting time and money searching for an instrument here and there, you will have the opportunity to purchase a drum circle percussion starter kit for 24 people composed of REMO and Tycoon instruments, at a very special price.

6 Day Drum Circle Facilitator Intensive Training 
con Arthur Hull & Harshil F.Chiostri

+ food and accomodation


+ food and accomodation