6 Day Drum Circle Facilitator Intensive Training

6 Day Drum Circle Facilitator Intensive Training

670,00 590,00

Register now, the € 590.00 discounted price is only up to the 1st of May!

Through this registration form you will pay only the amount of the Training.

By selecting the options in the drop-down menu, you can also book your room and board solution, which you can pay only upon your arrival at the location, in cash or by check.

The venue is in the countryside, far from the city center, and the Training is very intense: we work morning, afternoon and even after dinner.
So we strongly suggest you to choose full board options and use your precious free time to integrate your learning process, rather than having to take care of your food and drive in the morning and in the night.

Enjoy your choice, and see you soon!



Participation in the Training is for ARCI members only.

Training starts at 4:00pm on July 11th and ends at 4:00pm on July 16th 2021.

ARCI Membership:

• If you are an ARCI 2020/2021 member, you must have the card with you.
• If you are NOT a member of ARCI 2020/2021, you will be able to subscribe on-site.

Balance Payment and cancellation

• Once payment of the registration fee has been made, you will receive a confirmation from Drum Circle Spirit / Circolo Amarti APS
If you want an invoice for the payed Training fee, rather than a payment receipt, the billing notification must take place on the booking form. In this case the Training fee will be increased by 22%. The balance of the 22% difference for the training will take place on the spot, when the invoice will be issued and delivered.
• To receive an invoice for the food and accomodation, instead of a payment receipt, you will have to directly ask at Toscana Nascosta at the moment of payment.
• Any cancellation of the reservation must be notified in writing at least 30 days before the course start date (ie by 11/June/2020). The amount of the reservation will be refunded by deducting € 50.00 as organizational and secretarial expenses. For cancellations after 11/June/2020, the amount paid is no longer refundable.
Late arrival and early departure: in the event of early departure or late arrival, no refunds are provided and the entire booked period must be paid.

Room and board at Toscana Nascosta

• Check-in on 11 July: from 2:00pm to 3:30pm
• Check-out on 16 July: before 3:00pm
• At your arrival at Toscana Nascosta, you will be asked to pay the balance fee for food and accommodation in cash, and to show an identity document. Upon arrival, payment of the tourist tax of € 2,50 is also required.
• All published board and lodging prices have a flat rate so it is not possible to book individual meals.
Included in the full board are two breaks with herbal teas, fruit and biscuits, and
– supply of natural or carbonated micro-filtered water
– free wifi connection
– use of a refrigerator and a kettle
The price does not include:
– wine and other beverages (available)
– use of the washing machine
The food: Circolo Amarti APS and Drum Circle Spirit promote vegetarian food (including dairy products and eggs), which will be the main menu. If however you want to be able to eat meat, or have a vegan menu, in the booking form you can choose the vegetarian option – vegan – or omnivorous.
– Breakfast is European (bread, butter, jam, fruit, yogurt, muesli, cheese, tomatoes and cold cuts, herbal teas, juices, tea, coffee and milk)
– Lunch and dinner start with a salad buffet
– Dessert is always served for dinner
• Lunch on the day of arrival: communicating it on the registration form or sending a request by e-mail by June 20th you can also book lunch on July 11th and / or dinner and overnight staying on July 16th if you want to take some time in more to enjoy the Tuscan beauty. On July 17th the check-out must take place by 10:00am.

• Overnight in external accommodation
In case you want to stay in a place other than the location of Toscana Nascosta, the boarding fee will be fully due (breakfast, lunch and dinner) as proposed in the drop-down menu of the options “NO accommodation – board only”. This fixed price also includes snacks and use of services. It is not possible to pay for meals individually.

• External agreed overnight stay at Podere Amarti
Only upon reaching the full capacity of accommodation at Toscana Nascosta will it be possible to be accommodated at Podere Amarti (www.podereamarti.it), 7.5 km away (15-18 minutes driving), with a bed-place in multiple-bed room, at a flat rate of € 385,00 which includes all meals, breakfast and all the services offered by Toscana Nascosta. This option will be purchasable and therefore published only once the maximum capacity of Toscana Nascosta is reached.

• Camper
The campers will be admitted to the parking inside the Toscana Nascosta property only after the location will be fully booked. Once this condition is reached, it will be possible to overnight in your camper at a flat rate of € 325.00 per person, which includes room and board.
This solution will be purchasable and therefore published only when the maximum capacity of Toscana Nascosta is reached.
Those who still want to stay overnight in their camper, signing up for the “NO accommodation – board only” solution available online will have to park outside the property, looking for a nearby equipped area.

More info:

• The rooms do not have an en-suite bathroom, unless expressly stated
There is a nice swimming pool: to have access it is necessary to have your own swimsuit, pool towel and slippers
• Animals are not allowed
• Cigarettes: smoking is permitted only in designated areas
• Booking your bed at Toscana Nascosta allows you to bring a tent, which you can mount in the olive grove if you want to have a place to rest when you need it
• Drums and percussions: Drum Circle Spirit will provide all the drums and percussion for the Training. If you want your favorite drum, small percussion instruments or other instruments that you would like to play with your fellow travelers, like handpan, harps, acoustic guitars, ukulele, flute or anything else that does not need amplification, bring them!
• Limited seats! If you have not already done so, sign up now and do not miss this wonderful opportunity, places are limited!

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