Bring the power of rhythm back into your life!

First in Tuscany
and active throughout Italy,
since 2008 we have been offering rhythmical events dedicated to the entire population, from small no-profit to large companies

First and only ones to be certified in Italy
in offering Village Music Circles Drum Circle Facilitator Trainings

Italian Ministry of Education

Facilitated Drum Circle – a drum & percussion orchestra full of
rhythmical connection
interactive dialogue

An effective, fun and successful solution in every area

Team Building and Experiential Training
No-Profit and Ecovillages
Education – Schools – High Schools – Universities
Seniors and groups with special needs
Adults and youth at risk
Personal and inner growth groups
Festivals – Fairs – Festivals

What is it?

A facilitated Drum Circle is an engaging rhythmical event in which a group of people come together…

Why organize it?

Through the alchemy of rhythm and the circle arrangement, it puts people on the same level…


Normally, as you can see on the attached figure – which is a map and certainly not the territory.


Some of the benefits of using drums, documented by medicine studies conducted on the use of the protocol…

Prossimi eventi di Drum Circle Spirit

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A different experience ….which was able to harmonize so many people

Thank you to Harshil for giving us the opportunity to experience something different and for his kindness of spirit that was able to harmonize so many people who even though they did not know each other were able to share many things in a short time…

Team Wind Horses

It was an experience of joy and nurturing

I was at Podere Amarti leading a Learning Love group on relationships and couple dynamics and we ended the seminar with a Drum Circle. It was a joyful and nurturing experience, a great way to share beyond words and to celebrate the intimacy that had been created in the group. An opportunity to “play” with energy and meet others, which I recommend to everyone. Thank you Harshil !

Tabish Roncucci, Learning Love Institute

I took home a little extra piece of self-esteem.

I took home a little extra piece of self-esteem and a lot of desire to explore this world both in my profession as a music therapist and outside of it. I was welcomed and involved in the training; I enjoyed the bond established with all the participants and the fact that I was able to help in the facilitation of the last Drum Circle open to the community, I think it was very important for everyone to have a similar experience under the supervision of the teacher. I am still charged with positive energy, I think the course structured in this way was the top, even though it was intensive and charged for 3 days. In my opinion, it’s just fine the way it is! Giorgia


Exciting, beautiful, intense evening …

Second time I participate, this time also as organizer, like last time exciting, beautiful, intense evening….


Rhythm, sharing, joy…between adults and children…as it should be in a family

At the step-by-step libertarian school we had a great time…rhythm, music, sharing, joy…..between adults and children… in a family…or as it should be in a family….beautiful when at the moment when there was no “harmonic dialogue” harshil intervened and making us “intervene by playing in groups” brought back the rhythm and tempo…..Honestly nice to see how harshil enjoyed working and facilitating…


Special, creativity and simplicity hold hands with a group of people

Very special event, creativity and simplicity hold hands with a group of people whose uniqueness brings it all to life. Each time I am surprised at how the answer to everything is in letting go, thus meeting the best part of us. Thank you Harshil. See you soon


An exciting experience

It was an exciting experience, talking to each other with rhythm… and especially being able to understand each other  – Drum Circle in support of earthquake victims in Emilia –

Florian Giambelli

As for the teacher, it was just what I expected!

As for the teacher, it was just what I expected! A very helpful and generous person who was able to guide us under the technical and human aspect, which in my opinion is indispensable for this activity. I am very glad to have met Harshil! Thanks and him I still carry with me a fire, a motivation, to better promote and start Drum Circle in my area. I hope to contribute to the spread of the power of rhythm among people.


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