Harshil Filippo Chiostri

Community Drum Circle Facilitator.
Certified Trainer of Village Music Circles Global for Italy

2008 Drum Circle Facilitators Training level I & II
2009 Drum Circle Facilitators Intensive Training
2010 Mentor Facilitators Training
2013 6 Day Drum Circle Facilitators Challenge
2017 3 Day Drum Circle Facilitators Challenge
2017 Drum Circle Facilitators Trainer Training

Since childhood I have been playing piano, first through classical studies and then from age 14 rock and modern piano with Walter Savelli.
In 1995 I discovered and fell in love with the sound of percussion and Didgeridoo
From 1997 to 2004 I performed in the biggest discos in Italy and since 2000 with some of the most famous musicians from Osho’s world.
In the field of shamanism, since 1997 i am a Trance Dance presenter and I also lead individual sessions of Shamanic Journey and Soul Hunting.

I teach active meditation techniques from the world of Osho and techniques of empathic communication according to the school of Manitonquat aka Medicine Story

I have been trained in Family and Systemic Constellations and in Ritual Constellations at the Nemeton Institute

I am a Somatic Experiencing – Trauma Healing and Essential Life Consulting pratictioner

I facilitate individual and environmental energy harmonization for Advanced Tachyon Technologies International since 1997.

I am co-director of Podere Amarti, a residential center for meditation and expansion of human potential in Tuscany, Italy.

As a percussionist and didgeridoo puller I have released together with Rishi Vlote 3 albums of world music that you can listen to HERE

I love to create moment by moment music through facilitated drum circles and meanwhile i continue to study traditional techniques like African percussion.

In my years as a percussionist i have been able to verify how drums and percussions,

played in an open and receptive mode, are able to positively influence many aspects

of one’s life, helping us to expand and integrate numerous qualities

seemingly opposite and actually complementary,

as those belonging to the two hemispheres of the brain, logical and intuitive.

When I discovered the existence of Facilitated Drum Circles i had an immediate jolt of joy: finally – in a quick and intuitive way – i could propose the same kind of learning to a group of people with no previous experience,

through the power of the energy field created by the orchestration of the diverse instruments.

Thus, I love to introduce the facilitated Drum Circle, aimed at any person who has lost touch with their rhythmicity and its benefits and also as a Team Building model for groups of all kinds.

It is a solid and flexible platform for the expression of one’s individuality in synchronicity with others, capable of enhancing the potential of a relationship system such as the team,

while helping you connect with your natural self worthiness.

It deeply satisfies me because it is a simple and powerful metaphor for relationships, suitable for all kinds of people,

that allows us to rediscover how we can experience multiple aspects of relating, starting from an inner place of trust and creativity toward ourselves and others.

All accompanied by the joy and fun of improvising music together!

Drum Circles can also be easily associated with other activities to rediscover human potential,

and it is of great value to me to support the path of other facilitators/teachers/trainers with this tool,

as well as also integrate its potential through meditation, sensory awakening and group/individual therapy techniques.

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Harshil Filippo Chiostri

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