Reducing stress and building healthy relationships are key parts of any successful business environment.

Applied in business, Drum Circles improve the attitudes and teamwork intelligence, causing an increase in performance capabilities in a balanced way, using the orchestra metaphor as efficiency model that benefits all its components while pursuing a common goal.

It can be used as:

Team Building and Training Activity


Motivational activity during conferences/conventions

Team Building and Training

A Corporate Drum Circle brings your team together in a fun and exciting way, while revealing in an experiential way the qualities they need to thrive as a team.

Playing drums in a company environment reduces stress, creates rapprochement and cooperation among workers, increases communication skills, cognitive and perceptual abilities and increases productivity.

Participants experience a strong feeling of affinity, which spontaneously gives rise to a new motivation to collaborate, to find new ideas and solutions for the benefit of all.

A Drum Circle is a team activity in which each participant contributes in creating the music and no one feels excluded.

It reveals the potential for integration between seemingly separate people, shedding light on the complementary nature of each person’s strengths and talents, promoting the sharing of these qualities in spite of intellectual stinginess, which certainly harms the company’s success.

Through a thorough briefing phase we build together with you the event, appropriate to the company’s needs.

During the event, we experientially walk participants through all the steps that distinguish the creation of a close-knit and effective team.

Following the experiential phase, we give space for debriefing, analyzing together the content, learning and training links, to enhance the results for the benefit of improving work experience and business performance.

Ten reasons why facilitating a team’s effectiveness through the Drum Circle:

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Anatomy of a Facilitated Drum Circle : click here

Ice Breaker

Situations where groups of people are together for the first time, such as new employees meetings, can create tension or nervousness.

In the corporate environment, we can use rhythm as an Ice Breaker to create fellowship among people.

An Ice-Breaker is a short event, 20-25 minutes or less, in which through the use of percussions, or body percussion, or sound tubes (Boomwhackers), we reveal group consciousness and raise the level of emotions by stimulating presence and listening.

Drum Circle Spirit offers Ice-Breakers with high emotional impact.

Conferences and Conventions

In a conference or meeting or symposium you can unite everyone through the power of rhythm.

Right from the beginning you will create connections among participants and eliminate stress and tension before the speakers communicate their message, or right after!

Whether it involves training, or sales, or public relations, or whether it involves a meeting for simple fun, allowing your group of participants to warm up their hands and hearts on a drum in a synchronized rhythm with others will make them active and energized, present and curious, willing to work together for the well-being of the group.

OneBeat – leader in rhythmical events for companies

Since its inception, Drum Circle Spirit has collaborated with OneBeat in delivering rhythmical events for national and international companies, both in Italy and abroad.

OneBeat was founded in 2011 from the idea of Dharma Cristiano Botti, a percussionist, singer-songwriter, and experiential trainer, with the aim of offering high-quality rhythmic projects and events in the corporate field.

Currently, OneBeat – strong of an international team – is the leading company in the sector, working with the best event and training agencies in Italy to produce team building and training interventions with music for prestigious companies and multinationals.

Check HERE to discover all the formats we offer and to learn more!

Some of the companies using Drum Circles
for their Incentive and Team Building events

Toyota – BMW – Apple – Mercedes Benz – Google – Microsoft – IBM – Motorola – Exxon – Oracle – Unilever – Sony – Pfizer – Solyda – Ely Lilly – Novartis – Sky – Coca-Cola – Fiat – BNL – Crèdit Agricole – Ikea – L’Orèal – Mars – Polaroid – Nexive – Merck – Stihl – Fercam – Andersen Consulting – American Express – Bell Tone Technologies – Ernst and Young – First Franklin Financial – Frequency Technology – Group Health Cooperative – Java One – Joie de Vivre -Lithium -McCown and Delleuw – Performance Dynamics Group – Regis McKenna – Samsung – Shell – McCue Systems – Modus Media – Nutrasweet – Pacific Bell – Patagonia – P.E. Infomatics – Philips – Quest International – Silicon Graphics Inc. – Sun Micro Systems – Anthem Electronics – Arthur Andersen – Avalon Bay Community – Beta Systems – Squibb – Canadian National Defense Dept. – Cisco Systems – Clairol – Dell Computer – General Electric – Hewlett-Packard – Jack Morton & Company – Kaiser Permanente – Kinko’s – Levi Strauss – Lucent Technologies – Glaxo Pharmaceuticals