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The Rhythm 2 Recovery Model provides professionals with a fun and effective therapeutic framework for using the healing power of rhythm to support human development.
Rhythmic and reflective activities are designed to engage participants, individuals, families or groups, in a fun and friendly learning experience and delivers concrete developmental outcomes.
The R2R model has a strong evidence base and is designed around five key elements:

Our programs engage individuals who may be reluctant to engage in other, more confrontational, approaches. We use a process that provides a safe learning environment, by emphasising simplicity, predictability, accessibility and empowerment. The music itself is simple, but powerful. The sessions are fun and promote trust and respectful interaction. There are repetitive elements in each session to provide a level of predictability and participants are empowered to choose the session themes, lead the discussions, and take responsibility for their own behaviours and the welfare of the group as a whole. The themes explored may be serious but the overriding emphasis is on the pleasure of playing music together, now and as an ongoing recreational activity.

Our programs explore a wide range of issues that impact people’s lives. Participants are encouraged to choose the relevant theme for each session and then explore it in relation to their own experience and that of the group as a whole. Fun exercises are linked by analogy to questions that prompt reflection and self-awareness, and increase broader understanding of the factors that support healthy, happy and meaningful lives. The session themes are divided into five broad subject areas of ten themes each.

These include:
1. Social & Emotional Learning
2. Identity and Culture
3. Family, Friends and Relationships 4. Community and Connection
5. Health & Wellbeing

Other specific prevention programs address Bullying, Violence, Healthy Relationships and Drug & Alcohol Prevention

Questi includono:

1. Apprendimento sociale ed emotivo

2. Identità e cultura

3. Famiglia, amici e relazioni

4. Comunità e connessione

5. Salute e benessere

Altri programmi di prevenzione specifici riguardano il bullismo, la violenza,

le relazioni sane e la prevenzione sulle droghe e sull’alcool

Physical & Somatic Therapy = Improved Coordination & Grounding

R2R programs include physical exercises that assist participants with gross motor coordination and body awareness. A wide range of percussion instruments are played, with different instruments available for the needs of different populations. Specific exercises focus on hand coordination and grounding, as well as cross body (centre-line) movement to stimulate cognitive activity across the cerebral hemispheres. The music is also used as a constructive channel for the identification and release of emotions that may otherwise be repressed, or misdirected.

A key component of all R2R programs is the incorporation of specific routines that assist with emotional regulation. Neurological studies have shown how rhythmic music can impact those primal areas of the brain that regulate the human stress response. Rhythmic exercises, like drumming are recommended by many of the world’s leading trauma experts. Each session includes a rhythmic wave component that teaches participants to move from an escalated level of emotion and de-escalate through the changing nature of their music. Tempo & volume variations imitate changes in arousal. At the peak control stage of this routine, mindfulness exercises are incorporated to extend awareness and focus. These exercises are then linked to strategies for managing every-day situations that prompt emotional arousal, by extending them to the body.

Community music making is an age-old tradition for bringing people together and having fun through a shared experience. Unlike many other group programs, music making avoids many of the pitfalls of language, particularly between people of different backgrounds or who are sensitive to criticism or prone to misinterpretation and faulty reasoning. Music transcends language and allows people to connect on a purely emotional level, in the moment, without fear of the past or future. Inherent in R2R programs are a focus on altruism and ongoing support for each other as community members. Participants in these programs experience a great sense of connection which is used to initiate further opportunities for increased community engagement.

The Training

A two day course that provides attendees with the practical tools and skills to introduce music into their practice in order to address the social and emotional challenges faced by their clients or students. No previous music skills are required.


The R2R model is used by counsellors and educators around the worldworking in diverse fields including trauma, mental health, behavioural education, custodial facilities, child protection and refugee integration.


The exercises are fun, engaging and practical and require no prior musical experience.
This work is strongly evidence
based and client focused with an emphasis on empowerment.


It includes over 120 new exercises and rhythm games for both counselling and education settings
and can be adapted for individual, family and larger group work

All R2R programs include an evaluative component to assess their impact
and allow for modification in response to individual or group needs.

In Australia it is an accredited training available for Health & Education Professionals


Day One, 9:00 – 16:30

The Rhythm2Recovery model – linking the evidence of what works in therapy to rhythmic activities for individuals and groups.

• An introduction to the Rhythm2Recovery model
• Rhythm exercises and strategies to cement the therapeutic alliance
• Exercises that examine values & boundaries
• Rhythm exercises for fun and focus
• Rhythmic mindfulness
• Key Analogies linking the musical exercises to life experiences & encouraging reflection
• Rhythm exercises for teamwork and healthy relationships
• Exercises for physical balance
• Exercises for empowerment & self-belief


Day Two, 9:00 – 16:30

The Rhythm2Recovery model – key principles of effective practice, and a flexible template for client centred, rhythm-based practice.

• Rhythm exercises for better communication
• Listening exercises
• Exercises for managing adversity
• Exercises promoting responsibility
• Positive Psychology Exercises
• Rhythm exercises for the safe expression of feelings
• Rhythmic exercises for identifying feelings
• Emotional regulation exercises
• Grounding exercises
• Rhythm exercises for coordination
• Strategies for effective implementation



Attendance at a Rhythm2Recovery training workshop also provides exclusive access to our locked facilitator resources through the R2R website.

These include:

• 200 Training videos of R2R exercises in situ
• Evaluation measures
• Permission Forms
• Mindfulness Scripts for the drum
• Indigenous 2 Way Learning workbook,
• Session outlines –COVID Resilience & Recovery Program, Child Trauma Exercises, and outlines for Veterans groups, DV Prevention groups, Elderly, Parenting, & Grieving groups etc.
• Tips sheets for effective implementation.
• Promotional material.


The Rhythm2Recovery Facilitator Training will be held in a residential format, with room and board at Podere Amarti, headquarters of the Amarti APS Association and Drum Circle Spirit, in Via Val dell’Olmo n.10 in Marti, Montopoli in Val D’Arno (Pi), HERE.

Participation in the course is reserved for ARCI members.

It is possible to receive the annual card on site, at the price of €10.00.

Since 2003, Podere Amarti has been organizing and hosting seminars and retreats on meditation, therapy, shamanism, permaculture and music.
Find out more about Podere Amarti, HERE


Early Bird for registration by July 8th:
+ room and board (€86.00 from Saturday morning to Sunday afternoon).

Price for registration after July 28th:
€290.00 + room and board (as above)



Click HERE to access the registration form in English.

Click HERE to access the registration form in Italian.


Rhythm2Recovery gets to the soul of rhythm and its potent use when working with individuals, families, and groups of all ages. This training is a treasure. It’s a must-do for anyone working in a therapeutic or educational context. When words get in the way, tune in to the principles that Rhythm2Recovery offers in this packed filled workshop.
The Rhythm2Recovery Model ticks all the boxes of what we know about effective mental health interventions. It incorporates universal principles of effective practice, including active physical activity, social connection and increasing awareness and understanding of the issues that impact an individual’s wellbeing. I have been involved in the research into this model and its outcomes are supported by good hard evidence.

This training was packed full of amazing activities I can use immediately. Highly recommended to those wanting to expand their skills in working with individuals and groups to support social and emotional learning using music.

Simon Faulkner is my major VMC program producer in Australia, so my experience is that he knows how to produce an excellent training event. In my work across Australia, I have met and worked with many of Simon’s graduates, this gave me some insights as to the effectiveness of Simon’s programs and how his protocols are effectively applied in real life, and real challenging situations. I was very impressed. I have attended Simon’s trainings and worked with him in delivering programs to high risk youth and adults in schools and prisons. Simon Faulkner is able to deliver an exceptional experiential program and leave people demonstrating a high degree of confidence and competence in their ability to work with the drum in therapeutic environments. If you are now, or ever planning to, work with any type of at-risk population in schools, behavioral centres, hospitals, drug and alcohol rehabs, mental health rehabs, trauma services, prisons or child protection services, then you cannot afford to miss an opportunity to work with Simon and increase your skills.

Totally enriched – exceeded expectations – Enough tools to last a lifetime.

I have learnt so many different activities that can be applied to my work with youth empowerment programs. A very wholesome experience.

Unbelievable! What a wealth of amazing activities and ideas to use, not only in a counselling context, but also in a general classroom. There are not many PD’s I would drive 1,800kms return to attend, but this is definitely one of them.

Simon’s training sessions were life changing, and showed me how a drum can be used to give a voice to those who struggle with self-expression and oral communication. The simple and fun, yet extremely thought-provoking activities, open up a rich world of non-verbal communication and self- awareness. I have been amazed at how his program has enriched my students.
Anne Harris, Sullivan Heights, Surrey School District, BC, Canada

Energizing, Inspiring & validating. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience.
Shelley Stark, Assistant Principal, Northmount School, Surrey School District, BC, Canada

I’m very grateful to have the chance to learn these adaptable, & fun activities to share with my clients. I am awed by the breadth of resources. You have inspired the beginning of a new journey for me, Thank you.
Tracy Lowe, Counsellor, Victoria BC, Canada

Excellent training – I really found this training to be fantastic – I’ve learned so much that I can bring into my classroom and personal life, Thank you.
Emilie Aujla – Teacher, Wickaninnish Community

I feel that this training would be so beneficial in every Canadian school, prison, hospital etc. It is so well thought out. Clear & useful.
Lulu Leathley, Music Educator, BC, Canada

This was incredible – by far one of the best PD’s I have done. I love how impactful the drumming was for me and will be for my students. Thank you.
Devon Bajura-Macaulay, Teacher, Aldergrove School, AB, Canada

Simon Faulkner is a genius! His work has allowed me to impact the most marginalized members of our society, incarcerated youth, the homeless and at-risk students in a way that has revolutionized my community but most importantly so many lives. Many local organizations seek this innovative programming because IT WORKS. I’m anxiously anticipating Rhythm to Recovery his newest brain child!.
Completely Indebted, Nicole Williams, Music Educator, Indiana, USA

Simon is a gifted teacher, counselor and mentor! I had no drumming experience prior to the workshop, but following the training, I was able to confidently implement the program in multiple settings including the school system, veteran services, college courses and individual counseling sessions. After 30 years of practice, I can say this is one of the most refreshing and life changing programs I’ve implemented as part of my counseling and occupational therapy work.
Terrie King, OTR, LPC Heart Space Counseling Center, LLC – Texas, USA

Exuberating, Fun and Insightful! This dynamic training taught me extremely valuable therapeutic rhythm skills and kept me in the ‘Here and Now’.
Gail Schlosser, Catch Inc, Philadelphia, PA, USA

The best workshop I have ever attended – a balanced combination of therapy and practice.
Jonathan Williams, Shore Community Music Centre, MD, USA

Fun, Fulfilling, Invigorating, Inspiring. An experience that really resonated with me and the work I do.
Dawud Meeran, Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist, Hutt Valley District Health Board, New Zealand.

I would highly recommend this training – full of practical, strength-based exercises so relevant for helping people with mental health issues.
Patricia Taylor, Youth Mental Health Unit, Fiona Stanley Hospital, Perth, Australia.

An absolute treasure trove of highly practical, concrete, grounded exercises which I will absolutely use in my own practice.
Dr Jane Bentley, Mental Health clinician, Glasgow UK.

This training was outstanding. I loved the experiential learning & the exercises were fun and pertinent to the populations I work with – Thank-you so much.
Diane Avalon, Mental Health Systems, CA, USA

The training was exceptional & will certainly aid my work with groups, families and individuals. Expressive, powerful & engaging training – I was one of those sceptics who couldn’t see the worth of drumming in therapy – how wrong I was – the links through metaphor were so clear and practical & the tool (the drum) itself was so engaging – an amazing experience.
Anne-Marie Blacow, Senior Social Worker, Family and Child support, Relationships Australia.

As a music therapist, I felt this to be the best training I have attended which actually focused on the therapeutic/mental health aspect as opposed to the usual musical focus. Extremely refreshing and relevant to the mental health impacted populations I work with.
Linda Gerardy, MMT, MT-BC Recreation Director, Crestwood Behavioral Health, CA, USA

RUN, DO NOT WALK to a Rhythm2Recovery workshop if you ever get a chance to participate – such valuable ideas for music interventions that resolve around rhythm & drumming. It was absolutely worth the money spent and everything and more that I hoped it would be.
Sheila Connors, MT-BC, New York, USA

Very informative, applicable and encouraging. This added a lot more drumming interventions and clinical vocabulary to my practice.
Phillip Didlake, MMT, MT-BC, CA, USA

Our group of music therapists found their time with Simon to be incredibly valuable and all of the feedback that I’ve received about his workshop has been very positive. He provided a great balance between practical drumming interventions and discussion around topics such as group dynamics and therapeutic music making. The workshop not only gave us strategies for working with our clients, but also provided us with a great team music-making experience!
Jen Ryckaert, MMT, NZRMTh, MT-BC, Clinical Services Manager, Raukatauri Music Therapy Centre, New Zealand

Wonderful – great resources to take away. A motivating and beneficial experience that I will be able to use professionally.
Christine Gallagher, MA, MTA, MT-BC, Philadelphia, USA

Incredibly useful evidence-based, research-based, interventions for those with and without musical or therapeutic backgrounds.
Dr Vivian Nix-Early – CEO BuildaBridge, PA, USA

Awesome! I found Simon’s teaching/mentoring – organised, comprehensive and meaningful. I left happy, grateful & empowered.
Solinda Bautista, Music Therapist, Manilla, Philippines

It is so awesome that after 26 years of teaching music in the classroom I feel inspired and challenged again. I cannot wait to experience your teachings with my students.
Jody Thibault, Kirkness School, Edmonton, Canada

Amazing workshop with countless practical games and activities I can use in my workplace.
Belinda Young, Larapinta Primary School, NT, Australia

A fully immersive and enjoyable training which has opened up a whole field of new possibilities.
Paul John Deer, Music Educator, Scotland, UK

The exercises we did were all very practical and the analogies used were clear and useful. It empowered me in my work and helps me in my career as a therapist and trainer.
Mirijam Hendrikson, Therapist, Holland.

A fun, practical and safe experience with lots of variety and rich knowledge from the facilitator.
Bernie Bane, Counsellor, UK

I absolutely loved this workshop. I have gained in knowledge and experience that will be beneficial both to myself and in my work, Thank you.
Linda Irvine, Clinical psychologist, Australia.

Much more fun and playful than I expected! Thoroughly enjoyed it! Practical, tangible things I can immediately put into practice.
Jenny Weiss, Psychologist, Authentic you coaching & wellness, Toronto, Canada.

Whether in sessions with individuals all the way through to larger groups, R2R allows me the flexibility to address any number of issues that come up and for any length of time. From single sessions, through to an endless process of finding connection through rhythm and music, R2R allows me to find the balance that is required between conscious cognitive content and calming activities that allow us to emotionally regulate. I am very excited about its application within my work.
Gerard McDonell, Senior Psychological Advisor, Specialist Support Unit, Sydney, Australia

It was an absolute delight to be part of this training – it is theoretical, practical, accessible and so relevant to the work we do.
Oleen George, Art Therapist, The Forensic Hospital | Justice Health & Forensic Mental Health Network, Sydney, Australia

This training is excellent and very relevant to our work – very professionally conducted & fun at the same time.
Sarah Parkin, Senior Psychologist, Adolescent mental Health Unit, Long Bay Jail, Sydney.

One of the most enjoyable trainings I have ever attended, very knowledgeable facilitators with wonderful potential for our work.
Gemma Weeks, Senior Therapist | The Forensic Hospital | Justice Health & Forensic Mental Health Network, Sydney, Australia

A great exploration of the relationships between rhythm and human experience (emotions, affect, communication etc.) that will readily engage my correctional participants.
Peter Giordano, The Storyteller Project, CA, USA

More than anything else I was looking for a course that could deliver social understanding, self-confidence and empowerment for my students; this course delivered 10/10.
Kylie Bishop, Bold Park Community School, WA, Australia

So much fun! I’ve never left a 2-day workshop (on a Friday!) so full of excitement for work on Monday – thinking of how I will implement this with my students.
Jess Patrick, Elizabeth Park school, SA, Australia

Rhythm2Recovery extended my previous training with Simon and his DRUMBEAT program, furthering my repertoire and introducing a highly flexible approach to help children build effective personal and pro-social skills.
Donna Forfylow, Principal, Mount Royal School, AB, Canada

Fantastic training, I am so excited to bring this back to my school and implement it with our school community. Excellent delivery of material with a great balance of theory & practice.
Laurie Caines, Principal, Montrose School, AB, Canada

Delivering the R2R program for the cohort of students at my school has been an amazing experience. I never come away from a day of teaching without being surprised. The connections that students are able to make with each other during lessons is a very special thing to be a part of. Watching the level of students’ anxiety reduce over the term of the R2R teaching block is quite remarkable. Watching the students’ rhythmic skills and confidence develop from engaging in the lessons is unmeasurable. We get to see transferable effects into the classroom on levels of concentration to more engagement and calmer students.
Michelle Griffin, Redcliffe Special School

So Amazing! As assistant director for special education, I can’t wait to bring it back into my school system and have all my staff trained.
Barb Mackey, Assistant Special Education Director, Northern Lights Academy, Cloquet, MN, USA

Many new activities learnt – Simon is a great facilitator, very authentic & generous in his sharing. These ideas will be readily implemented into our inclusive classroom.
Anne Siranathan, Special needs teacher, Kula Lumpur, Malaysia

Enjoyable, interesting and great tools and exercises to share with my students Anthony Chiovitti, Special needs educator.
Gwynne Park Ed Support centre,

Fun, Engaging and very relevant to our school setting. A valuable training experience full of practical exercises we can readily adapt to our needs.
Laura Matchett, Head Teacher, Rostulla Special School, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Nothing short of awesome – I am looking forward to bringing this back to my school.
Koreen Bennett, Counsellor – Head of Student Services, Queen Elizabeth High School

Not only did I have a fantastic time; I am inspired & motivated to implement this work in our school as part of my welfare coordinator role.
Jenny Jager, Euroa Primary School

Such a powerful musical approach to bring music to our school: engaging, fun, community driven, and loaded with potential for making a difference in the lives of many, Thank you.
Harmony Mc Millan, Mother Teresa Middle School

A refreshing new approach really enjoyable and relevant to my students.
Christine Tindall, Metropolitan Behavioural Services, Queensland, Australia

Wonderful; it has equipped me with some great fun & thought-provoking tools to explore young people’s lives.
Warren Adair, Youth worker, Gippsland, Victoria, Australia

Such a motivational and upbeat experience. Really relevant to my work and exercises were practical and relatable.
Roisin Kelly, Youth support worker, Belfast, UK

Through my facilitation of social and emotional learning groups that combine both drumming and reflection, I have seen tremendous success with indigenous students. Both male and female students gain confidence, resilience, a stronger sense of self and a stronger sense of belonging. Many of our indigenous students are better able to communicate with the assistance of the drums and feel more comfortable communicating within the group due to the relationships built during drumming games and activities. I am yet to work with a student who has not displayed a growth in social and emotional skills after being part of this work – I couldn’t recommend the Rhythm2Recovery program enough.
Rebecca Arbon, Senior Teacher, Positive Learning Team – PARR Rural, NT Department of Education. Australia

Over the past 12 months Rhythm2Recovery has run two workshops in Ntaria involving predominantly local Indigenous staff employed to work with children and youth. Feedback from participants in these workshops was highly favourable. Simon’s ability to use plain language and fun, practical exercises meant language differences were easily overcome. Simon also demonstrated a keen understanding of how cultural differences can be accommodated through his sensitive delivery style. In particular, he understood how shame could be avoided in group learning contexts. Simon also responded to the training needs we articulated by designing an appropriate set of activities for the time available, and provided us with advice and support when needed after the workshops were completed. I would have no hesitation in recommending Rhythm2Recovery to others who may be interested in running Simon’s workshops in a remote, Indigenous context. He understands the need to build local capacities, works with cultural respect and sensitivity, and has shown responsiveness to local culture and conditions.
Dr Annie Kennedy, Manager, Ntaria Stronger Communities for Children, Tjuwanpa Outstation Resource Centre, Via Hermannsburg, NT, Australia

Fantastic workshop, lots of practical exercises for getting students engaged and learning empathy.
Melanie Miki, Aboriginal Practice Leader, Surrey School Board, BC, Canada

An amazing tool for drawing out kids and their parents too, from all walks of life – very meaningful.
Marlene Brajak, Aboriginal Practice Leader, Lena Shaw Elementary School, Surrey, BC, Canada

This was a very valuable training program with material which will be of great benefit to our clients and community. I really enjoyed the effort Simon put into ensuring the content was tailored to the issues our team are dealing with on a daily basis.
Joanne D’Cress, Clinical Team Leader, Yorgum Aboriginal Counselling Service, Australia

I am a deaf teacher of the Deaf and worked with Drew Mayhill to implement the program. We had eight boys from year 8 to year 10 involved with varying degrees of hearing loss, from moderate and severe to profound. All but one of these students are fluent signers. Only 5 of them are confident enough to speak. Some of the boys wore hearing aids, whilst others wore cochlea implants (which means their experience of sound is wildly varying but incredibly limited). One boy is profoundly deaf and heard nothing but experienced a light bulb moment when he finally understood the concept of sound because he could “feel” the air vibrating and we were able to explain that was noise.

The results of this work have been far reaching and fantastic. The boys from different year groups have bonded. The younger boys are more confident and more willing to communicate (with voice and sign) with their peers and teachers (before they only signed with a handful of people and rarely expressed themselves with any real confidence). The older boys have developed greater maturity and embraced the role of deaf mentors for the younger students. There was an overall improvement in student behaviour. One of the boys has applied for vocational training next year. It allowed the boys, Drew, myself and the Deaf mentor to bond on a personal level. There was lots of laughter with a core value of respect.
Raelene Walker, Shenton College School for the Deaf, Perth, WA


The range of practical exercises and their clear links to personal development topics were very useful and I really enjoyed being part of this course.
Niall Dempsey, Youth support, Royal National Institute for the Blind, Belfast.

It has given me a lot to think about and also some great ideas to create conversations with the kids I support.
Ryan Sturrock, Youth support, Royal National Institute for the Blind, Belfast

In a thorough and insightful way, using the highly engaging medium of community drumming, Simon Faulkner has created Rhythm2recovery, a sequenced model for imparting social awareness to a variety of populations not easily reached by more common counselling methods. His activities are simple to understand, meticulously researched and powerfully impactful in lasting ways.
Dr James Oshinsky, Adjunct Professor of Psychology, Adelphi University, NY