Do you want your event to receive an injection of:

Celebration of community spirit?
A time to create strong cohesion among members before talking about important issues?
Encouragement for all participants to relax and enjoy themselves, letting go of unnecessary tensions?
Learning stimulation?
A way through which participants can cross old boundaries of perception?
Easy and handy participation?

A perfect experience for
Associations, Holistic centers, Events, Parties, Weddings
Fundraising campaigns

For activities in Associations and Holistic Centers.

The facilitated Drum Circle is a great way to bring together all members, who throughout the year may participate in different activities and therefore do not have the opportunity to meet all together, as part of one powerful motivational event.
It is an excellent method, as with businesses, to promote the quality of members’ meetings, energizing them and helping them to refresh their appreciation of each other’s presence; it prepares them to approach the issues of assemblies and meetings from a strong spirit of cooperation and unity of purpose.

With regard to holistic, yoga and meditation centers, the Drum Circle is an excellent tool for enhancing the qualities of the heart, as an event to bring all members together in a big rhythmical embrace and also as a tool, used in a deeper way, to strengthen the growth of human potential and intimate dialogue.
Drum Circle Spirit therefore offers not only single rhythmical events, but also 2 or 3-day workshops in which nourish body, mind and soul.
See the workshops we offer, on the “Workshops” page of this website!

Parties, fairs and festivals

1) Drum Circles offer intergenerational family fun: children, parents and grandparents all together can feel the excitement, complicity and satisfaction of making music together, in the moment.

2) Playing drums and percussions is an energizing experience for both participants and spectators. People leave the Drum Circle venue happy, shining and ready to enjoy even more the other activities that the party or fair has to offer.

3) Drum Circles offer a participatory discovery experience. Participants might ask, “Do I have a sense of rhythm? Can I really play and express a good sound? Can I contribute to the song offered by the group?”
Guided by the facilitator, they would discover that the answer is “YES!” and find themselves with a renewed sense of creativity and personal presence.

4) Facilitated Drum Circles are FUN! They represent a unique experience that will promote your event by simple word of mouth.

5) During a Drum Circle you can promote the content of the event, the celebrants, important guests, artists or the organizers themselves.

Fundraising campaigns

Do you want to support your fundraising campaign by raising awareness through an emotional, aural and visual impact event?

A facilitated Drum Circle is the optimal tool not only for gaining visibility, but for communicating metaphors close to the cause of your campaign, in a moment when people’s vitality, listening, and sharing has been activated by the great power of this tool in unifying everyone’s hearts.

Contact us to create a suitable format for your campaign, we will be happy to support the success of your good cause.

“The best White Night event in Florence.”
Rita Pierantoni

“It was a great experience. I felt pervaded by the music right away, and it was magic to tune in with everyone else.
A special, unique and must repeat evening for me and my daughters. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Harshil! “
Elizabetta Riva

“Fantastic experience…adrenaline, relaxation, inner peace…all emotions felt at the same time!
And then to see the smiling, relaxed faces of the people who are making music with you is priceless…. Experience to recommend and to do again!!!”
Laura Parrini

“I have been following Harshil’s circles for three and a half years now. It is always a new experience. Every time you play and are in presence of mind, you discover new ways of relating to others, thanks to the potential of rhythm and the great ability of the facilitator.
It starts as a game, because you have so much fun… But the circle then can become a metaphor for life: if you let yourself be surprised magical things happen, if you keep trusting, even when you seem to be tired or see weariness around you, it then happens that the rhythm takes on new energy.
In addition to giving you great empathy and smiles with people, a circle allows you, if you want it, to question yourself a little, to take yourself less seriously, to rely a little more on others and your intuition. Among many things for me, it is always a great teaching to see Harshil facilitating: his joyful way of knowing how to encourage everyone’s potential, with soul, spirit and body…
And his ability to never lose faith in people. Thanks to Harshil I learned a lot. Thank you to all the people I have met over these 3 years…Thank you to the wonderful places that have hosted us…Onward and upward the momentum continues and yesterday’s circle in Vaglia is testimony to that.
Flora Bisogno – Associazone Cantiere di Critica Culturale – Florence