Disadvantaged populations – Drug addicts – At-risk youth – People with disabilities

Any type of population can receive immediate benefits from the use of Drum Circles.

Whether as a sporadic event or an ongoing motivational support, it is a valuable support for those facing great difficulties, whether due to social status or health.

As can be found in some of the articles on the page benefits of this site, and in a very wide range of documents found throughout the web, drum circles are used successfully in supporting any individual and group therapy path.

Due to, among other things, the heightened production of feel-good chemicals it induces in participants, it is an excellent tool for bringing down immoderate use of psychotropic and immune-support drugs.

The therapeutic effect of music is widely demonstrated and used by thousands of practitioners worldwide.

Due to the ease of approach, drum circles are desirable to support any kind of social or therapeutic situation, or used alone or in synergy with other harmonization methods, as a support for well-being.

Drum Circle Spirit offers demonstration events and advocacy programs, with the intention of supporting all kinds of underprivileged populations.

In addition, Drum Circle Spirit is available to develop projects for those entities or companies willing to invest in supporting underprivileged populations as active sponsors.

Among the offerings is the possibility of integrating team-building events on company premises, with social support projects supported by the company itself.