Drum Circle Spirit

We connect people through rhythm!

Drum Circle Spirit offers Drum Circles, facilitated according to Arthur Hull’s method, both through events and facilitator trainings accredited by the Italian Ministry of Education.

Facilitated Drum Circles are a powerful way of individual and group harmonization and empowerment, suitable for every social and work environment.

The main intent is to foster the prosperity of individuals and communities by connecting them through the power of rhythm, to awaken and nurture presence, connection and collaboration, for the well-being of oneself, others and the environment.

Drum Circle Spirit encourages and nurtures with powerful simplicity the expression of: rhythm, musicality, joy, generosity, courage, integrity, receptivity, sharing…as well as individuality, strength, clarity, confidence, creativity, passion, intuitive intelligence.

Respect, dedication, and love for the well-being and success of individuals and the community are foundational values of our work.

Our strengths

Effectiveness in awakening the rhythmical spirit in participants
The joy of being in synchronicity with oneself and others

Effectiveness in stimulating skills and learning processes and ability to convey and achieve a satisfying and surprising experience beyond initial skills

Effectiveness in achieving an exciting musical result

Effectiveness in stimulating participants’ recognition and appreciation of each other’s qualities

Effectiveness in stimulating trust and group unity

Drum Circle Spirit offers not only single rhythmical events, but also programs geared toward deeper self-knowledge, inner qualities and resources, and group potential.

For this we use complementary methods and trained collaborators.
The journeys can then be integrated through active and passive meditation techniques, empathic communication, and shamanism, in indoor and/or outdoor environments.

Drum Circle Spirit also offers events accompanied by concerts and performances
with nationally and internationally renowned musicians.
The family of collaborators extends to other experienced facilitators, as well as musicians, music therapists, creative arts teachers, trainers and counselors.

Drum Circle Spirit is based at Podere Amarti, a center for residential meditation and inner growth seminars and trainings.
Podere Amarti is located in Tuscany, at the crossroads of Pisa, Florence, Lucca, Livorno, and Siena, in an area easily accessible by all means of transportation: car, train, plane.

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