Living in Rhythm


Living the strength of rhythm, letting it involve us more and more,
Precious tool for one’s
daily well-being


By connecting more deeply with the benefits of playing in circles, we can nurture our personal power*.
Therefore, feeling effective, having the awareness of

being able to affect events or to be able to flow with them in a creative way, and in the meantime enjoy an ever better self-esteem,
in addition, of course, to learning more and more about making and enjoying good music!
For this Drum Circle Spirit, in collaboration with experienced colleagues in the field of sharing in music, has created several opportunities for you


Here are our workshops,
Created especially to give you a full immersion in the power of rhythm

* “Power” can and should be experienced as taking responsibility, personal ability, strength, energy, self-empowerment, increasing one’s possibilities… “power to” do, and to be.
This “power of” is simultaneously marked by one’s own emancipation and that of the other, along with solidarity and interdependence with the other; it is immediately a “power with” the other.

Expanding the ability to listen to and appreciate oneself and others through rhythm influences the ability to perceive self, other and the “world” as a source of resources and beauty with which to collaborate.

Drum Circle and circular music reveal capacities for openness beyond the known, and propel consciousness into the realm of “mystery” where anything can happen, into the perception of something subtle and broader than known material reality, immersing us in that quality we call Spirit that permeates every aspect of life, if we know how to grasp it.

The Drum Circle is therefore an excellent tool to support any inner growth seminar,
be it dance, meditation, psychotherapy, bioenergetics, counseling, trauma work, family constellations, etc etc…

Since the music that happens in the circle is always a reflection of the relationship with oneself and the other participants, at any level of the current seminar the effects of the work carried out by the teachers can be detected and enhanced.

The Drum Circle can be used either at the opening of a workshop, during, or at the end.

It gives an opportunity to integrate the experiences participants are having, in a fun and challenging way.
Whatever the theme, each person will receive from the drumming circle the right sound massage that will enable them to balance their life energy, the balance between male and female, active and passive energy, and to stimulate intuition in synchrony with areas related to logic.

The Drum Circle, due to its strong impact at the auditory-visual-cenesthetic level, is able to stimulate a panoramic experience at the perceptual level, prompting the opening of participants’ hearts in a context of vitality and transformation.

The sound of the drum connects us directly to the heartbeat and the fact that we do not have to follow a set pattern helps us let the flow of consciousness flow during the experience, so that tensions are released, while intuitive understandings happen moment by moment and the expansion of well-being develops in the body, mind and emotions.

In addition, the strong collective pathos felt several times during the Drum Circle helps individuals recognize and nurture belonging to the soul of the group with which they share intent, giving them strength and stability and making it solid to share the relationship, as friends.

Drum Circle Spirit invites personal growth teachers and spiritual masters to make use of this tool, to solidify the metaphors conveyed and celebrate the intent of the meetings, so as to honor the presence of the human beings who take part, as members of a large family in which everyone has his or her place, everyone has value, no one is higher or lower than the others.

Check our calendar for the presence or absence of facilitated Drum Circle training events or seminars!