An immersion in the power and pleasure of rhythm, sustained by the magic ofameditation.

A journey with drums and percussion full of meanings, understandings, surprises…
And so much joy!

A reconnection with one’s balance, one’s vitality,
the inner rhythm.

Drum, Dance, Sing & Meditate
An experience of continuously expanding our capacity
Of celebrating life together with others, nourished by the depth of meditation.

In this groupwe will play at connecting rhythmically, creating melodies and rhythmic songs from improvisation, in a crescendo of satisfaction, joy and intuitive intelligence.

We will play wild, intimate, light, powerful,
Delicate, velvety, enchanting,
discovering the magic of rhythmic flow
Until we are enraptured by the silence of meditation.

The circle is not only drum beat, but also voice and movement.
So we will also celebrate with voice and dance, expressing ourselves more and more
starting with our essential qualities, strengthening their presence within us.

In the magical setting of the location, we will integrate our experience with Osho’s meditations, learning to taste the rhythmic effectiveness of the techniques he created.

The group is open to everyone,beginners and experienced musicians,anyone who wants to enter the magic of silence through music.


“Meditation is nothing more than the elimination of all barriers
– thoughts, emotions, feelings –

That create a wall between you and existence.

When barriers fall, you suddenly discover yourself in harmony with the whole;

not only in harmony, you discover that you are actually the whole.

When a dewdrop slips from the lotus leaf to the ocean,
it does not discover that it is part of the ocean;

it discovers that it is the ocean.”


Through various active and passive meditation techniques we discover our infinite inner world, harmonize our emotions, and know who we are beyond the stresses of daily life.

The more we are in touch with who we really are, the more our inner resources are strengthened and we are able to live life fully.



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