What is a Facilitated Drum Circle?

It is a highly engaging rhythmical event

A facilitated Drum Circle is an engaging rhythmical event in which a group of people come together to play drums and percussions and, while having fun and unleashing their life energy, realize their maximum musical potential through the support of a facilitator.

The quality of the music grows as its participants’ openness to rhythmic dialogue progresses.
In fact, the facilitator offers a simple and intuitive approach to drumming and through facilitation games and sequences he nurtures openness among participants by taking advantage of the ability of drums and percussion to stimulate connection, communication skills and creative exchange.

A Drum Circle is thus an effective experiential learning platform in all group dynamics where the need for empathy, mutual esteem and motivation are essential aspects.

As they enjoy discovering their own rhythmicity, participants nurture their own presence and potential as well as the ability to be in creative relationship with each other (team building) through the power of rhythm.
Indeed, beyond simply being together, as these people have a common thought and goal, a synergistic force manifests itself that solidifies the vision and intent of the group itself.
Village Music Circles method that we use has a high educational value and is therefore accredited to MIM – Italian Ministry of Education.

To which areas is a Facilitated Drum Circle addressed?

Companies: Team Building – Training
Community Building
Education: Schools – High Schools – Universities
Seniors and special needs groups – Kids at risk
Empowerment – Personal growth groups
Festivals – Fairs – Festivals

Participants in a facilitated Drum Circle
experience an increase in:





The circle is always open to ALL, both beginners who have never touched a drum and experienced musicians of any musical culture:
facilitated with the techniques developed by Arthur Hull, the group is filled with vitality, spirit, motivation and joy.

We all learn together that the sum of different parts is always greater than the parts itself and that as a community of human beings we can live in a rhythm that generates harmony for all, no matter what role we are playing.

By celebrating the shared rhythm you will strengthen your presence and that of others.

A facilitated drum circle can be used to nurture communities, businesses and any aggregation group:
a time or path to reveal or reestablish harmony, talents and cooperation among members – -all while having fun!

The format of each event or course is modifiable according to the needs and goals of the group
and can be used in conjunction with other training methods.

What is a Community Drum Circle?
by Arthur Hull

A Community Drum Circle is a rhythmical event dedicated to group unity.
It is NOT a drum lesson.
It is NOT the use of rhythms belonging to specific cultures.
A Community Drum Circle is an enjoyable event within the reach of all family members, where people strengthen each other’s ability to be present in their lives while celebrating community through rhythm and music.

People at all levels of musical experience come together to share their rhythmic spirit with all types of drums and percussion instruments present at the event.
To participate, they do not have to be percussionists.

Everyone has something to offer the circle and everyone is welcome. The spirit and magic of rhythm, expressed on drums and percussions, passes through any barrier of age, gender, religion, background and culture.

As Gabrielle Roth says, “rhythm is the Mother Tongue.”

Rhythm is a universal language known by everyone, including the youngest child – we just need to remember it.
In a very practical, beautiful and joyful way, an interactive rhythmical event puts us all on the same step and makes us closer to each other.

The facilitator serves this process, with the goal of guiding participants to their maximum potential for musical dialogue.

A Community Drum Circle is created moment by moment by all its participants.
Cooperation and collaboration are its basic glue.

When we play drums together sharing our spirit in the form of rhythm, it transforms our relationships.

As we play we give ourselves a rhythmic massage and emotional release.

The experience is unique to each person and happens both when we get involved by playing in the circle and also by standing outside listening as our feet drum and our hands clap in rhythm with the music.

There are many places where Drum Circles are used with different purposes, such as:

Team Building in companies

Gender empowerment

Spiritual and personal growth groups

Experiential synergy and rhythm training for school/youth groups

Stress and anger management for groups of at-risk adolescents

Periodic events at the university to help new students acclimatize and for multicultural awareness

Nurturing family unity and building community

Strengthening the market for music stores

All we have to do to create beautiful music together is to bring whatever rhythmical experience we have into the circle,
along with the excitement of sharing it with other people.

The quality of the music produced at an event like this is not based on the musical competence of the players but on the quality of their relationship with the other people in the circle.

The result are those magical musical moments in which a powerful choral voice manifests itself.
In those moments, the players stop worrying about keeping time, because time as they know has stopped.
In its place we find a ‘breathing entity, expressing timeless joy, experiencing a sense of liberation through the power of rhythm.

This is the beauty of a Community Drum Circle.

A Drum Circle is

A communal music-making event where people sit or stand in a circle while playing percussion instruments from around the world.

People play improvised rhythms.
The music is created in the moment.

Instead of a teacher there is a facilitator, someone with musical experience and training in facilitation who leads from the center of the circle.

In the Drum Circle there are no spectators.
Each one is part of the performance.

A Drum Circle is NOT

The Drum Circle is not a professional ensemble and it is not really about music, but it is like a group of friends enjoying a “rhythm party.”

It is not a show where students sit as if in a theater in front of a stage watching a high-profile musician demonstrate and teach a traditional way of playing a specific percussion instrument.

It is not a drum class of a specific culture
(e.g., African or Cuban).

Why do people go to a Drum Circle?

For fun.

To nurture a sense of community.

To approach rhythm and drum techniques.

For musical expression.

For health benefits: stress reduction, creative expression, well-being.

To experience unity and collaboration.

Why do Drum Circles work?

Because people find themselves involved in creating a dominant rhythm that satisfies everyone.

Because rhythm is innate and playing drums
brings it to light.

Because it is a quick and easy way to bring people
Making music together.

A facilitator assists participants in working together to create the groove
and thus reveal the intelligence of the group.

Types of Drum Circles

Anarchist – free-form, non-facilitated music jams.

Facilitated Drum Circles.

Experiential training events.

School-based rhythmical events for boys and girls.

Drum Circle for at-risk adolescents in alternative facilities.

Rhythmical events in adult social centers and nursing homes for the elderly.

Drum Circle for people with special needs, facilitated by music therapists.

Who participates in a Drum Circle?


Young or old.

Beginners and experienced musicians.

Wellness lovers.

People with disabilities.

In what places can Drum Circles happen?



Aggregation centers.

Nursing homes.


Spiritual schools – meditation centers.

Music and musical instrument stores.


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