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They say about us

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“I have been following Harshil’s circles for three and a half years now.
It is always a new experience. Every time you play and are in “presence,” you discover new ways of relating to others, thanks to the potential of rhythm and the great skill of the facilitator.
It starts as a game, because you have so much fun…but the circle then can become a metaphor for life: if you let yourself be surprised magical things happen, if you keep trusting, even when you seem to be tired or see weariness around you, it then happens that the rhythm takes on new energy. In addition to giving you great empathy and smiles with people, a circle allows you, if you want it, to question yourself a little, to take yourself less seriously, to rely a little more on others and your intuition.
Among many things for me, it is always a great teaching to see Harshil facilitating: his joyful way of knowing how to encourage everyone’s potential with soul, spirit and body. And his ability to never lose faith in people.
Thanks to Harshil I learned a lot. Thank you to all the people I have met over these 3 years…thank you to the wonderful places that have hosted us…Onward and upward the momentum continues and yesterday’s circle in Vaglia is testimony to that.”

Flora Bisogno – Cultural Criticism Yard Association – Florence

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“Hi, the event for me was very satisfying, I learned new keys to improve the quality of my life, and new perspectives on how to flow with change, creativity, connection with others.
Harshil facilitated the event well, effective in communicating ideas and concepts, and helpful.
The thing I liked most was the wonderful welcome I felt immediately in everyone (I didn’t know anyone!), the joy, the positivity, the vibrations that reach the heart…Beautiful!”

– Elena –

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” An invitation to learn”

– Frederick –

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“Confidence and opportunity to let go

– Alessio –

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“Freedom to Vibrate”

– Sananda –

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“Beautiful Experience! I had a great time and the atmosphere was healthy! I will definitely do it again!”

– Clare –

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“Thank you!!! it was a good experience. I hope to experience it again as soon as possible. THANK YOU!”

– Simone –

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“I felt good, right away, free, light…and I saw the same tranquility in others….
naturalness, joyfulness, serenity, music….well, see you next…..”

– Christian –

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“It was an amazing experience. I felt pervaded by the music right away and it was magic to tune in with everyone else. A special, unique and must repeat evening for me and my daughters. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Harshil! “

– Elizabeth –

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“Thanks to Harshil for giving us the opportunity to have a different experience and for his kindness of spirit that was able to harmonize so many people,who although they did not know each other were able to share many things in a short time…”

– Team the wind horses –

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