Drum Circle Intensive EXPERIENCE
2_3 July 2022

at Podere Amarti, Fontanelle Road 10, 56020, Marti (Pi)

15% discount for those who sign up by June 2, contact info@drumcirclespirit.it now.
Registration closes June 17

Two days of deep rhythmic well-being, a total immersion in the benefits of facilitated drumming circle.

Whether for those who already know and love the Drum Circle or for those who have never participated, this weekend is a unique opportunity to let go of all kinds of stress and worries and get totally involved in the incredible and mysterious rhythms we will create during a crescendo of musicality that will nourish us in a deep and light way.

We will work on rhythmic connection, interactive dialogue, musicality, learning moment by moment about the multiple levels that allow us to thrive both with our inner rhythm and with the shared rhythm, the orchestra.

We will go deep, in a progression of rhythmic sessions, to discover the art of that active listening that allows us to learn to interact in an increasingly refined and enjoyable way, both in terms of the music we produce and in terms of the relationship between us “musicians.”

The facilitator will constantly work to raise the quality level of what is happening, offering games and exercises, and following up with each participant from his or her specific level, in an integrated way with the others, so that the journey is harmonious, fun and satisfying as we go along for everyone.

Simultaneously, everyone will receive continuous massage and rhythmic rebalancing at the body-mind-spirit level, resulting in the development of strength and vitality, intuition, logical ability, empathy, motivation, emotional and spiritual healing.

There will be a strengthening of confidence in oneself and one’s qualities,
and in interaction with others and the world around them.

Let this rhythmic weekend transform, regenerate, renew you and you will regain a forgotten harmony, with yourself
And with life surrounding and supporting you!

This intensive is open and intended for everyone, beginners and musicians, adults and seniors.

Contact us now for detailed information including room and board by writing to info@drumcirclespirit.it

Although it is an experiential weekend and not a training, this can be an excellent opportunity for music therapists, social workers, anyone working for group wellness, to discover and enjoy the benefits of this method, and then perhaps choose to learn how to facilitate by attending the Basic Drum Circle Facilitator ‘s Training!

In addition, there is an off-schedule event!

For those who would like to be with us as early as the night before, Friday night at 9:15 p.m.

We will offer a facilitated Drum Circle open to local people, and free for weekend participants

If you will be with us for the Friday evening we recommend that you please indicate this in your registration confirmation, thank you.

“Life is a rhythm, a constant vibrational phenomenon between two polarities.

Everything in life is in a rhythm.

Only in death are things absolute and there is no rhythm.
In life there is rhythm – the day comes, and then comes the night.

Summer and winter, hunger and satiety, action and rest,
receiving and giving, loving and being alone, feeling and responding,
the empty and the full.”


A big thank you from the bottom of my heart to dear friend Harshil Filippo Chiostri, a fantastic weekend, intense and deep work that goes far beyond playing percussion with friends.
A work that starts with rhythm, goes through the exploration of ourselves, on different levels and returns to rhythm…
I have no doubt, I feel deeply that, we, life and everything around us is rhythm; day and night, light and dark, etc..
Everything in this existence has a frequency and rhythm, everything is pregnant with a PERFECT rhythm above everything and everyone.
In this intensive, I explored, enjoyed, shared, dared, and celebrated that joy you feel when you perceive that you are connected to that rhythm that moves everything and playing in intimacy with yourself and in sacred connection with everyone else (probably musicians are familiar with this space, for me who have always suffered from being out of tune, it is a great joy!!! ), of course I also explored my limits.
Hearing and listening to this, together with a group of beautiful friends, some never seen before, is really a great gift, just closing my eyes, I can hear that sound, that music and that connection again.
A heartfelt thank you to Aloka and all the staff of Amarti, wonderful!!! And a deep thank you to all the wonderful friends for this journey that bonded us beyond music and rhythm.

Drum circle with Harshil Filippo Chiostri:
An ‘experience that enchants, a spell.
“Unexpected “discovering the rhythm within oneself and sharing it with others.
SPEAKING THE SAME LANGUAGE ..without even knowing each other.
“A profound experience of communication, of connection…of energy that is finally released in a constructive and instinctive way…a journey within oneself that then unites us with everything and everyone…a psychophysical well-being in all respects…I can “t wait to return to the MAGIC CIRCLE.
Thank you Harshil.