With Diana Tedoldi, Stefano Baroni and Harshil F. Chiostri
2021 – Amarti Farm (Fi-Pi)

Two days of centering and personal well-being among drums, circular music, vocal explorations and connection with nature, to empty your head and fill you with new energy, thanks to the regenerating power of woods and percussion.

An original mix of experiences that will allow you to enter into listening to your rhythm, the sound of your heart and the color of your voice, and then share its uniqueness in the circle of participants.

An engaging and rejuvenating journey to the sources of the beauty-and the power-of circular music, to face the holidays and the New Year aligned and charged with inspiration.

UBUNTU: an African word that we could translate into.
“I am what you are”
“I am what I am by virtue of what we all are.”

An ode to sharing, sense of whole, responsibility, circular vision
of its own identity, in the interconnectedness of all our relationships:
With ourselves, with others, with the Earth.

And these three realms of experience are precisely the focus
on which we will put our attention this weekend at the pace.
The drum as the original circle from which a vibration arises that unites us all.

The heart drum. Drum belly. The mother drum. The earth drum. The drum tree.

What you will do:

You will experience two days of wellness in music and connection with nature, with a group of people aligned with your same intent of personal growth and sharing in a circle.

In particular, you will experience a set of circular music practices to experience firsthand the power of the circle:

Drum circle: a participatory music-making experience in which you connect with your uniqueness, express it and celebrate it together with others. The result: a sea of energy, listening to everything that moves within you and around you.

– Body Music: body awareness and sound potential come together to create an immersive experience where you become your own musical instrument!

Circular singing: you will let yourself be transformed into a sound box, discovering the freedom that comes from vocal improvisation together with others. You will go beyond judgments and prejudices about voice and vocal technique, drawing surprising, ever-evolving soundscapes.

Musicomaieutics: a deep listening experience, connecting with nature, discovering your sound essence, the source of your vitality and identity. One individual and one group experience in which to fully regenerate yourself, find your personal alignment, from silence to sound — and back again.

Nadabrahma meditation: the “humming” meditation, in which you accompany the emission of the “mmm” sound with your mouth closed, followed by hand movements that gradually bring you into a state of harmony and centering. Peace, silence, connection with your organic knowledge.

Movement in music: a time to release your energy on the wave of rhythm and music, awakening your natural movement, your creative instinct, your nature.

Journey with the Drum: a guided visualization experience, accompanied by the deep sound of an ancient Tibetan drum, that will help you connect with your inner mentor, the part of you that knows your good and can guide you to realize it.

Self-Reflection: concluding moment in which to focus on the fruit of these two days of music, wellness and Nature. You will identify your intentions for the new year and your “Word of the Year 2020”: the keyword representative of that specific strength you want to develop within you in the new year, to help you become “more and more you,” realizing your nature.

In addition, there will be an off-schedule event!

For those who would like to be with us as early as the night before, Friday night at 9:15 p.m.
We will offer a facilitated Drum Circle open to local people, and free to participants in Ubuntu!

If you will be with us for the evening of Friday we recommend that you please indicate this in your registration confirmation, thank you.

What to bring:

– Comfortable, onion-shaped clothing, ready for any weather conditions (part of the practices take place outdoors), not afraid of contact with grass or soil, but also to move comfortably in the workroom, without shoes (double socks or slippers!)

– Waterproof shoes for when we go outside, or otherwise comfortable even in light rain or dew-soaked grass.

– If it helps, your mat or cushion for sitting on the floor.

– Your water flask.

– Notebook for notes and writing materials.

– Spirit of exploration, willingness to share and put yourself out there with new activities.

Who are the presenters:

Diana Tedoldi: trainer, facilitator and Associate Certified Coach, member of the International Coach federation.

He founded Drum Power in 2008, and the “Rhythm Ambassadors” training program in 2015, on the Drum Power Method for conducting individual and group rhythm-centered and musical experiences.

An expert in leadership and teamwork development, she has led more than 35,000 people in more than 1,200 training and facilitation experiences since 2008, drumming and otherwise.

More info at www.drumpower.net and www.dianatedoldi.com.

Stefano Baroni: Drum Circle Facilitator Endorsed By Remo®, Body Music and Circular Music Expert, Music Educator
Orff-Schulwerk, guitarist.

He works both in Italy and abroad in settings ranging from training to community/team building, from mental health to corporate settings, from education to social and inclusion projects.

More info at www.stefanobaroni.org and www.circularmusic.it

Harshil Filippo Chiostri: Drum Circle Facilitator since 2008, Drum Circle Trainer of Village Music Circles for Italy.

In the field of shamanism, he has been a Trance Dance presenter since 1997 and also conducts individual Shamanic Journey and Soul Recovery sessions.
Teaches active meditation techniques from the world of Osho, and empathic communication techniques according to the Manitonquat school.
He trained in Family Systemic Constellations and Ritual Constellations at the Nemeton Institute.
He has training in Somatic Experiencing and Essential Life Consulting.
He is co-director of Podere Amarti, a residential center for meditation and expansion of human potential.

More info at www.drumcirclespirit.it and www.podereamarti.it


The workshop starts at 9:30 a.m. on Saturday and ends at 5:30 p.m. on Sunday

For info on how to confirm registration
contact us

Or call 0571 461981